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what to make of this?

Posted: May 23 2020

From Vice: Man Who Has Never Had an Actual Job Encourages Laid-Off Workers to Pick Fruit

Some have criticized Prince Charles' suggestion that people out of work due to coronavirus sign up for underpaid physical labor.

"Charles name dropped Pick for Britain, the government's newly launched campaign to find seasonal help for farms and farmers who desperately need it. According to The Guardian, 98 percent of the United Kingdom's fruit pickers came from countries elsewhere in Europe last year, with the majority of them arriving from Bulgaria and Romania. In late March, before the UK locked itself down, the Concordia charity had secured the services of more than 10,000 foreign workers, but only a handful of them were allowed to travel in time."

"Due to a combination of coronavirus-related travel restrictions, a controversial immigration bill that targets so-called "unskilled" workers, and good old fashioned xenophobia, there are anywhere between 70,000 and 90,000 seasonal positions that still need to be filled—and fast. On Tuesday, Environment Secretary George Eustice introduced the shiny new Pick for Britain website for job-seekers who are ready to be up to their elbows in broad beans."