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What is Inspiring - Aviva Rahmani

Posted: February 20 2009

listenGreenhorns friend & ally Jana Blankenship shared this beautiful quotation with us.  It comes from artist and ecologist Aviva Rahmani.  You can see some of Aviva's work at http://www.ghostnets.com/
"What is inspiring is to consider how we can start an idea that can keep growing, deepening it's roots, shedding the witches broom and broadening a canopy, all of our lives. And then someone, like yourself, comes along and takes some pleasure in the shade! It would be wonderful when you return, if I could invite you to visit. I could show you how the seeds I was sowing in Del Mar in 1970, came to some fruition almost 40 years later. In the end, the sculpture that interests me most, bares the ever disappearing trace of the artists hand but nourishes a healthier ecosystem." - Aviva Rahmani