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Websites for Farmers

Posted: May 27 2009

Switch Farm Marketing's new  web application is intended specifically for farmers - it's affordable, and fast!
Here's a note from the developer:
I am excited to announce that our doors are now wide open. You can sign-up and have your website ready to go in just 60 seconds. (Normally this would take 2-4 weeks and cost $1000-$5000 of working with a web developer to get this far in the process.)
There is also a FREE 15 day trail so you can get started in 60 seconds and there is no cost and you do not need to give a credit card number.
I hope that you will check it out today and sign-up for a trial. In 60 seconds you could have a website that looks like this (or you can choose from our 2 other themes.)
I have spent a lot of time on this and I am really excited to have people starting to use it!
- Andrew
Switch Farm Marketing

Sign-up today at:  http://farms.switchmarketing.com/pricing-and-sign-up/