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we need more startups

Posted: September 14 2011

like this one: FarmieMarket

FarmieMarket.com is an online farmers’ market that allows customers to place orders with local farms online and have local food delivered to their door.  Beginning on July 12th, consumers in Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer and Saratoga Counties will be able to order food from small, environmentally- and socially- responsible farms in their county.
FarmieMarket.com is reclaiming the integrity of our food system, building strong local economies, and giving consumers confidence in their food.  All products for sale on FarmieMarket.com are 100% hormone-, antibiotic-, pesticide-, herbicide-, gmo-, and preservative-free.  We sell food the way nature intended us to eat it.
The goal of FarmieMarket.com is to keep small farms in business by facilitating direct sales to consumers while limiting farmers’ opportunity costs associated with marketing.  You may have heard of Heldeberg Market- an online farmers’ market serving Albany County.  Heldeberg Market met with tremendous success in its first year, and in response to popular demand online farmie marketing and purchasing opportunities are being extended to farmers and consumers in the rest of the Capital Region.
Farmers are encouraged to complete our survey to join the revolution and connect with consumers seeking your quality local foods.  Likewise, farmies are encouraged to join our mailing list for more information.

red hook, new york