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Wall Street is buying our farms

Posted: July 16 2015


Orion Magazine Presents: Buying the Farm

buying our farms

Photo courtesy of Mark Renz

Dean Kuipers dives into Wall St's speculative invasion of farm country and talks about alternatives that seek to improve farmers' land tenure, not shake it up, projects like Iroquois Valley Farms, which are, he says,
"...a radical alternative to institutional investors—a radically profitable alternative, he is quick to point out, as his company is making “over a double-digit return on an annual basis, since the inception.” That would put it on par with the institutional funds, which are averaging, according to de Lapérouse, somewhere from 7 to 12 percent annual returns."

Read article here: https://orionmagazine.org/article/buying-the-farm/

Great Barrington, MA, USA