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UVM upcoming webinars

Posted: October 13 2013

Cold Storage Options for Beginning Produce Farmers   A UVM Extension New Farmer Project webinar: Thursday, Oct. 17th, Noon - 1pm EST
Vermont’s food systems are experiencing increased localization, value addition, diversification, extension of growing season and increased market demand. Crop storage can be costly and the construction and operation of an efficient and well-designed system is essential to a farm’s profitability in winter and early spring markets. Chris Callahan, UVM Extension Ag Engineer will present on biological processes of crops in storage, storage characteristics of various crops, and sizing and design considerations of storage systems.  The presentation will  include the  basics of heating and refrigeration and construction for utility and efficiency (including manufactured boxes, DIY construction, and CoolBots™).  The webinar is tailored for new and aspiring farmers and will be based the longer workshops currently being offered around Vermont.
Newcomers to online learning are welcome. All you need to participate is internet access and a computer that you can hear sound through. For more information, contact [email protected] or call 802-223-2389x203. If you have not participated in a webinar before, we recommend you download the necessary software for free the day before the webinar is scheduled at http://tiny.cc/UVMWebinarCheck.
And coming soon...
Thursday, November 21, Noon - 1 pm EST
Introduction to Raising Rabbits for Meat.  A UVM Extension New Farmer Project webinar.  Presented by Bob Bennet, author of the Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits.
Thursday, January 16, Noon - 1 pm EST
Farm-Scale Permaculture-- Techniques, practices and philosophies for permanent agricultural systems.  A UVM Extension New Farmer Project webinar.  Presented by Keith Morris, permaculture farmer, consultant and founder of Prospect Rock Permaculture.

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