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Posted: March 29 2012
The Just Label It (JLI) Campaign announced today (March 27) that a record-breaking one million Americans have called on the FDA to label genetically engineered foods. Today, March 27, is the date that the FDA is required to respond to the petition. It took JLI and its more than 500 partner organizations less than 180 days to accumulate an historic number of public comments—a testament to the power of collective voices to demand our right to know what’s in our food.
The campaign also announced today a new national survey revealing that more than nine out of 10 Americans across the political spectrum supports labeling food that has been genetically engineered. This new infographic from Civileats.com is a compelling visual that also shares the results of the survey
Thanks to all of you who have helped us raise attention to this critical issue. Stay tuned as the campaign now works to make sure that the FDA and Washington knows that one million Americans are watching to make sure they deliver.
Naomi Starkman
Food Policy Media Consultant
red hook, new york


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