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updates from agrarian trust

Posted: January 12 2014
Agrarian Trust is now online, and established as a program of the Schumacher Center for New Economics.
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In April of 2013, Kendra Johnson, Severine Fleming, and Kristen Loria completed the guidebook “Affording our land: a farmers guide to farm finance options.” It is now online, and available for free to download. This guidebook is meant as a compilatory resource for farmers looking for land, as well as service providers who are supporting farmers and/or landowners in this shared goal.
Our goal for 2014 is to focus on the cultural conversation about land, continue gathering and documenting case studies and models, and research and preparing to build the mechanism for land transaction in 2015.
Other goals for the program:
1. Build the issue of Land Access through public programming, press outreach and messaging.
2. Support the network of practitioners as well as farmers looking for land.


Schedule of confirmed activities for 2014.

1. Paicines First Principles of Agrarian Trust  Meeting March 13-15, Paicines CA

We will convene a meeting of about 20 stakeholders to refine the underlying principles that will guide our work together with Agrarian Trust.
2. Symposium on Land Access, April 26, 2014, Berkeley CA
A day-long symposium addressing many aspects of our focal land access issue. Co-sponsored by Chelsea Green and the Berkeley Food Institute.
Speakers List (Tentative/In Progress):
Wes Jackson, The Land Institute
Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm
Sjoerd Wartena, Terre de Liens
Elizabeth Henderson, Peaceworks Farm NY
Gary Nabhan, Author/ Professor
Raj Patel, Writer/Activist
Eric Holt-Gimenez, Food First
*invited Janaina Stronzake, M.S.T Landless Peasants Movement, (Brazil)
*invited Winona LaDuke, White Earth Land Recovery Project
3. Professional development workshops
Starting on March 29, 2014 Agrarian Trust will be convening 10 workshops. Organized regionally, these will generate "open source" curriculum modules for use by farmers and farm service providers for professional development. We will be sending notifications about all these workshops at a later date.
We hope you will continue to watch out for innovative models, and forward them along to myself or to Kristen Loria [email protected], who has joined Brooke Werley and Severine as part of the Agrarian Trust team after more than 2 years working on Greenhorns and Farm Hack.
Looking forward to keeping the conversations flowing, and thank you all for being a part of the network.
Severine, Kristen, Brooke
hudson, new york