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United Farm Workers stand up to Trump -- SIGN ON!

Posted: April 18 2020

Stop the Trump administration from lowering farm worker wages during COVID-19

From United Farm Workers: "The Trump administration is trying to cut minimum wages for the essential farm workers keeping our domestic food supply functioning."

Millions of us are sheltering in place to avoid exposure to the coronavirus. Farm work can't be done remotely and we all need to eat. During a crisis, rather than trying to cut costs by oppressing the poorest, we need to place value on the people risking so much to feed us. Please sign on now.

"Within hours of this story breaking, Kamala Harris took to Twitter to condemn it as "inexcusable" and said "They deserve a raise -- not a pay cut." Elizabeth Warren tweeted: "This is shameful. Make no mistake: We will fight for farmworkers with everything we've got." Join us and let's fight with everything we've got.""

NPR article: White House Seeks To Lower Farmworker Pay To Help Agriculture Industry

And on a more positive note, article from the Guardian with some interesting and inspiring language around food systems transformation: The Covid-19 pandemic shows we must transform the global food system -- Our global, profit-driven, meat-centered food system is making us sick. We need a radical rethink