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unfancy flashbacks

Posted: July 13 2008

the second unfancy food show--amazing rain and boozy brooklyn food counter culture. Severine and merlin made a brief appearance. Severine was peddling her special flower tea, elderflower cordial and organic rabbit. (on the paw) Fabulous people with passion for the real food, and real community of connoisseurship and production. Delightful chocolates and free range chicken, pickles to make your mouth water.

sasha davies to mclure pickles, the ice cream peeps out of this world with almondine pistachio and fruit! Mast brothers tall and lovely as usual and with ethically traded chocolate, venezuela of course being the fair trade nation--converting oil into social programming at one of the fastest rates around.  grocery guy, marlow & sons, edible brooklyn, hot kitchen breads. YUM.