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two hour special on young farmers

Posted: November 21 2014
from KWMR in partnership with the Post Carbon Institute.
KWMR 2-Hour Special: Leaders of the Young Agrarian Movement Facing the Future
Monday, Nov. 10th - 12pm to 2pm (Pacific Time)
A collaboration between the Farm and Foodshed Report (Robin Carpenter- Host) and Post Carbon Radio (Bing Gong & Karen Nyhus - Co-hosts) featuring:
Severine von Tscharner Fleming - Director of Greenhorns: Young Farmers’ Movement and Agrarian Trust
Evan Wiig - Founder and Director of the Farmers’ Guild
Arron Wilder - Farmer, Table Top Farm, soil scientist, organizer of upcoming January 11th - Young Farmers’ Forum on Succession and Success Stories: The Future of Ranching and Farming in Marin
Molly Myerson - young Bolinas farmer, Little Wing Farm
Mickey Murch - young Bolinas farmer, Gospel Flat Farm & artist

A conversation with leaders of the new young agrarian movement discussing:
1. Challenges of farming and ranching nationally, in California, and locally in West Marin (access to land, economic, housing, shortage of farmers…)
2. Shortage of younger age farmers to begin farming where elder farmers are leaving off.  What we can do to promote agriculture as a lifestyle in West Marin and beyond.  How can the next generation of agrarians carry out the important work of growing food?

3. Pairing farmers and ranchers with landowners in West Marin and beyond.  Specific programs geared towards that end (Landlink)  networking with landowners.

4. Current examples of farmer/ranchers working with landowners - challenges and successes.  Some potential scenarios whereby farmers/ranchers create benefits for landowners by improving land create potential income for otherwise unused land. Ecological services.

5. The  upcoming forum on January 11 on facilitating the continuing of an agrarian culture in Marin county (and beyond); working partnerships between landowners and agriculturalists.

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