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thoughts on the drake forum

Posted: March 11 2010

which we recently attended in Washington, D.C. with several other young farmers.
Blowin’ in the wind: The true meaning of ‘ag unity’
by Debra Eschmeyer; 8 Mar 2010

Of the 50 or so food and farm conferences I've attended in the last several years, the Drake Forum for America's New Farmers: Policy Innovations & Opportunities held March 4-5 in Washington, D.C., rises to the top. Actual farmers -- not just commodity crop growers but innovative "agripreneurs" like Xe Susane Moua from Minnesota and Rosanna Bauman from Kansas -- got to tell the USDA what they needed to survive.
But were policymakers listening? Many of the invited speakers with a political row to hoe seemed to be concerned about one segment of farmers in particular.
read the full article, which appeared in Grist, HERE


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