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the yamagata girls farm

Posted: January 10 2011

if you can read japanese, here's their website: http://www.kf831.com/girls//

Young, Female, College Degree -- Farmer
published January 9, 2011 in the Daily Yomiuri Online
YAMAGATA--With the job market for young graduates said to have entered an "ultra-ice age," farming has cropped up as a potential option for some young women, with at least one farm celebrating the female aspect of its agribusiness.
The Yamagata Girls Farm in Murayama, Yamagata Prefecture, was founded by 29-year-old Nahoko Takahashi in 2009 and employs five other women. With three new members joining the farm this year, everyone was busy with the apple harvest on a day in late October.
Takahashi said she wants her farm to be a place of feminine free thinking.
Mai Sorimachi, 21, graduated from a junior college in Tokyo in the spring of 2010. She now rises at 6:30 a.m. on workdays, puts on her work clothes, adds a touch of makeup and slips into a pair of trendy clogs.
Yamagata Girls Farm is run by Kunitachi Farm Co., a Tokyo-based agricultural corporation, and is about 15 minutes from Sorimachi's dorm by car.
Takahashi, who attended Yokohama National University, came back to her hometown to farm after graduation. After garnering six years of experience, she set out on her own. With two colleagues, she rented a 2.5-hectare plot that had been lying fallow and began raising rice, vegetables and fruits.
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Murayama, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan


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