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the smithsonian is doing an ag exhibit

Posted: January 22 2013

But doesn't seem to have an interest in representing the small ag sector, or the small farm technological revolution that is going on.
Lets flood them with great examples! Keep up to date with their project HERE
The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History is looking to the public to record and preserve the innovations and experiences of farming and ranching. In partnership with the American Farm Bureau Federation and other organizations, the museum is seeking to build the image of modern agriculture through personal stories, photos, and ephemera. Agriculture has changed considerably, and this initiative is a way for all Americans to explore and appreciate this area of a shared experience.
As part of National Agriculture Day on March 19th, the museum will unveil a new web portal where the public can upload their stories about technologies and innovation that have changed their work and daily lives; stories about precision farming, traceability, environmental concerns and governmental practices, irrigation, biotechnology and hybrid seeds.
Before then, participants should look through old photo albums, talk to relatives, and think about what has changed for them, their family, and their environment.

hudson, new york


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