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the disaster in japan

Posted: March 26 2011

As the daughter of WAND ( women's action for nuclear disarmament) c0- founder, I walked up the stairs of the basement every day to see this image:

My mother and her collegues started a national non profit in livingrooms. They conducted calls with swirly telephone stretch cords across the kitchen with babies on their knees. I have met many other young women farmers whose mothers were involved in the anti-nuclear movement-- and I feel that our work is likely an expression of the values we learned early in life watching our mothers organize to protect the world for us. I know that my own activism and farming life are very future oriented, and that I hope to have a fruiting orchard in time for my own children.
This nuclear crisis, the likely fallout over california, the dairy panic, etc. This is a terrible reminder of something our mothers knew was inevitable with the proliferation of nuclear plants and weapons. There are only so many battles we can fight-- but I really hope that there are people out there getting geared up, baring their teeth, and hitting for the jugular of the nuclear industry here in America, and everywhere on our tiny little planet.
Friends of the earth? Who. Tell me if you know
red hook, new york


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