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"das land hilft" platform coordinates food & farm employment in Germany

Posted: April 15 2020

Regional resiliency abounds in Germany's new unbureaucratic and free network DAS LAND HILFT / THE COUNTRY HELPS: connecting willing workers with agricultural labor across the country. If only we had federal ministries in the U.S. this organized and on the ball to support farms and farm workers needs!!

Translated from the site description: "We need you - quickly - because in the fields of our farmers, the asparagus harvest begins and other vegetables also have to leave the field in the next few days. At the same time, our farmers offer an income for those who find themselves in an economic emergency due to the protective measures."

"This is a pure placement platform that brings employers (farmers, but also companies in the food chain) and employees together quickly and unbureaucratically. This platform has no influence on the design of the employment relationships, which of course must be within the limits of what is legally permitted".

"Let's work together to keep the shelves in the supermarkets full. It must not happen that tons of regional fruit and vegetables cannot be harvested because there are no harvest workers."

1. Open the platform
2. Record your need for workers or your auxiliary work
3. Network with each other via the platform