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the compost tea revolution

Posted: July 15 2010

more from the amazing folks at Common Vision!
Soil Food Web & the Compost Tea Revolution

August 16-20th, 2010; M.A. Center in Castro Valley, CA

Back by popular demand, Common Vision and GreenFriends are offering a repeat of last summer's high impact Soil Food Web workshop with Dr. Elaine Ingham.  Farmers, orchardists, landscapers, ranchers, agricultural product creators and distributors, waste management professionals, and soil and garden enthusiasts of all types, came from across the country for a week of compost revolution.

* Understand Soil Microlife
* Increase production through top soil health
* Revolutionize your management of soil
* Enlist fungi to mine rocks for Phosphorus (for real)
* Eliminate the need for nitrogen fertilizers
* Brew and analyze Compost Tea

Dr. Elaine Ingham is revered internationally as the preeminent teacher of soil micro-life and how human survival depends on it. The innovative authority on compost tea, Dr. Ingham has been educating the public on the life of soil for over 20 years.  An engaging speaker, she has addressed audiences as diverse as the United Nations, Potato Grower Conferences, and countless universities.

The M.A. Center
is the US headquarters for the international humanitarian and spiritual activities of an Indian saint, Mata Amritanandamayi (known as Amma).  The 180-acre grounds serve as an educational hub for the Bay Area of sustainable design and practices.   Drawn by the site's beauty, accessibility by public transportation, and the center's uncompromising dedication to proceeds funding humanitarian aid projects, hundreds of volunteers have joined to plant the orchards and reforest the hillsides.