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tennessee carbon farming intensive

Posted: June 5 2009

our friend ethan roland brought this to our attention... brilliant artwork, eh?
Tennessee Carbon Farming Intensive
Broadacre Permaculture & Holistic Management for Carbon Negative Agriculture

Exploring Soil, Water, Carbon, Energy & the Economy through a 6-part holistic curriculum
When: August 25th- September 16th, 2009
Where: Ecovillage Training Center at the Farm in Summertown, TN


The Tennessee Carbon Farming Course will be the first in a national campaign to spread this cutting edge curriculum throughout the United States. The Ecovillage Training Center at the Farm offers an amazing opportunity to experience permaculture in action; the Farm's 1,700 acres will undergo a massive keyline design and implementation during and after the course to help drought proof the community and prepare for future growing.
Course Description
Taught by the leading experts in sustainable agriculture and carbon sequestration, this course will encompass all of the design elements needed to create a carbon sequestering agricultural system—returning carbon to the soil while increasing food production. This course will cover holistic landscape systems design, project management, and implementation.
check it out: http://www.livingmandala.com/Living_Mandala/Carbon_Farming_09.html
and then register!


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