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Temple Wilton Community Farm seeks Dairy Assistant and apprentices!

Posted: March 13 2019

Temple-Wilton Community Farm is one of the first community farms in the country and helped shape the "CSA" concept which has spread around the world. Our work is directed towards developing an entirely new culture founded on the cultivation of individual freedomequal rights, and a conscious meeting of economic needs. Towards that end we apply biodynamic practices to create a wholistic farm organism and strive to develop new economic structures directly informed by the realities of working with nature.


Temple-Wilton Community Farm is seeking both a Dairy Assistant and seasonal Apprentices in vegetables, livestock, and cheesemaking for the 2019 growing season, running from the beginning of April through the end of October. If interested, there are also possibilities to stay on longer. Inquire for more information.

Dairy Assistant
This individual could either have enough experience to step into this role at the onset, or be prepared and willing to grow into the responsibilities. Apart from the dairy, with up to 15 milking cows, the job would also include the care and maintenance of ~200 layer chickens as well as work related to the pastures and haying. We are seeking someone who will find themselves supported and inspired by the work we are doing with the land, the wider cultural life of our community, and the collegial atmosphere among the farmers. This is uniquely articulated in the farm’s original Aims and Intentions (https://www.twcfarm.com/history-of-the-farm). If you resonate with these intentions and strive to bring them into practice with dairy cows, please contact us. To support this work you will be provided with a private bedroom in a beautiful apartment, access to all foods produced by the farm, WiFi, and a base stipend of $750-$1,250/month depending on experience. 

Farm Apprenticeships
Apprenticeships tend to focus on one area of work, however there is flexibility to accommodate those interested in more than one aspect of the farm.Vegetable work includes all facets of planting, cultivating, and harvesting over 40 different vegetables and herbs for our community farm members, as well as regular applications of the biodynamic preparations. Livestock work includes all aspects of milking and caring for an approximately 15 cow dairy herd, and attending to a flock of laying hens. Cheese-making work includes all aspects of making and marketing a great variety of hard and soft cheeses, as well as yogurt.

Throughout the first two weeks of April we will take time to hone our observational skills and develop our understanding of biodynamic agriculture which we will practice and carry through the ongoing season. During the main season, the rhythm of the work is determined entirely by the needs of the farm, so our schedules must be very flexible. However, you can anticipate having at least one day off per week. To support this work you will be provided with a private bedroom in a beautiful apartment, access to all foods produced by the farm, WiFi, and a base stipend of $400-$750/month depending on experience.

If you are interested in working with us in the vegetable fields or with the livestock please contact Jacob Holubeck at [email protected], or call him at 603-831-1213.

If you are interested in making cheese with our small and diverse creamery, please contact our friendly cheesemaker Benjamin at [email protected].


For more information about our farm, please visit twcfarm.com