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talk about associative marketing

Posted: June 2 2010

those white barn farmers sure are dynamo.  this plant sale is past already, but a good model for us.

Our Plant Sale is here!!!!!
May 22 & 23.    Saturday and Sunday.     10am - 4pm.     both days
Looks like the weather is going to be beautiful!! We have been getting ready. We have a new tent. We have other farmer friends joining us. We have a great team of family volunteers to help with the second annual event, which is a major fundraiser for our young farm.  it should be a pleasant buzzing atmosphere, we hope to see you there!
The sale will be at the site of White Barn Farm's roadside stand - in the field across the street from the farm (458 South St., Wrentham, MA 02093),on 1A between Wampum Corner and Wrentham Center (5 minutes from the outlets)
Swing by and pull right into the grassy parking area in the field (not on the road). Please be cautious pulling on and off of busy 1A and observe the "Enter" and "Exit" signs
Pricing: Cash or Checks Only.
4-inch pots are $3 each or 2 for $5
6-packs are $5 each or 5 or more for $4 each
You will be able to ask to mix-n-match 6-packs. (3 and 3 of two different varieties).  We and our volunteers will have scissors and labels.  This will allow a much greater range of choices.
We will be here to help guide you through choosing the best plants and to give you tips on how to make them grow! In fact, our friend Kristin Lewis of Rabbit's Dance Farm, who has transitioned from farmer to yoga instructor and garden consultant will be on hand for the first two hours of the sale on both days. Check out her website.
In addition to plants, we will have a couple of other vendors this year. So bring along a cooler! Our friend Floyd from Burnshirt Valley Farm in Barre will be down to sell pork from heritage pigs that he raises outdoors, rooting around in the woods as they should. He will bring down his freezer full of different cuts for you to choose. He will also bring rhubarb and free-range eggs. Also, our beekeepers from Franklin Honey will be there selling their limited quantity of local raw honey and their great selection of bee products, including a hand salve that has saved my gardening hands! Finally, on Sunday we'll be joined by Ann at Rosasharn Farm who has a beatiful array of goat soaps and balms and goat milk based laundry soap. She will have eggs to sell so get those wheels turning about what to be cooking. A sneak peak of White Barn Farm's earliest crops will be for sale, too: Cherry Belle Radishes and Renegade Spinach. Yum!
Look at www.whitebarnfarm.org for the complete inventory.
Please tell a friend that you think might be interested. We have a pretty grassroots marketing network and everyone must know a few gardeners!