West Virginia

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write 200 words, take an eco-retreat in beautiful appalachia

This is tantalizing: one essay, 3 hours work per day, and a sweet rural eco-retreat in West Virginia.

Posted: April 19 2017
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FREE lifetime lease on a 65 acre land trust parcel in WV [EDIT: NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

[[[[[[[THIS LAND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT APC WITH REQUESTS FOR INFO.]]]]]]]]] The Appalacian Catholic Worker has put out a call for someone to rent a beloved but human-starved piece of land in West Virginia. [Edit: please note that this is NOT a Greenhorns offer. The following text is from the APC, whose contact […]

Posted: July 12 2016
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want to know why a large portion of the us doesn't trust big ag or government findings?

There are 60,000 unregulated chemicals in use by chemical companies right now and the EPA/FDA/USDA aren't regulating. This is a frightening David-vs-Goliath New York Times piece which is well worth the read. Here are a couple snippets: Bilott learned from the documents that 3M and DuPont had been conducting secret medical studies on PFOA for […]

Posted: January 8 2016
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west virginia's road map...

for the Food Economy. Download it HERE “There has never been a better time to go into farming,” said Paul Mock, a well-established hydroponic farmer in Morgan County, in a speech at the 2012 WV Small Farm Conference. Though it may be surprising news at a time when America is losing farmers nationwide, more and […]

Posted: November 20 2012