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updates on tpp and ttip

The recent legal challenge brought by TransCanada seeking $15 billion in damages over the Obama Administration’s decision to reject the Keystone Pipeline, has raised new questions about the TPP. The suit was brought under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which grants corporations special rights to challenge U.S. laws and undermine climate policy. The […]

Posted: February 10 2016
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happening today in portland, me!

  Come visit the young farmers who are coordinating this futurist pageant of logistics, using the power of the wind to capture imaginations and new markets for the rural economies of this tall state.  And come see the wooden schooner, the Harvey Gamage, a 131 foot schooner that will carry the cargo southwards.  Saturday, Sunday […]

Posted: July 20 2015
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TTIP and tall ships afterparty! july 20th, portland maine!

TALL SHIPS AFTERPARTY and TTIP TEACH-IN! 4 live bands! Hot stuff  5pm- late Come on out! On July 20th, we’ve got a full afternoon and evening TALL SHIPS AFTERPARTY and TTIP teach in at Thompson’s Point in Portland Maine.  We’ve invited our favorite agrarian bands, including The Parlor, Will Dailey  and Milk and Honey Rebellion- […]

Posted: July 13 2015
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ttip information!

This week’s roundup focuses on de-mystifying two areas relevant to our privacy and freedoms: encryption and trade deals. They can both sound like dull and difficult topics, so I’m going to do my best to make them clearer, with the help of many, much-smarter, people… Encryption Encryption is a way to make data more […]

Posted: June 25 2015
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more on trade deals & GM standards

The European Union is negotiating the potential future of British agriculture with American corporations, developing deals that, unless tempered, could possibly threaten UK sovereignty by Samantha Lyster for Fresh Produce Journal The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US is an attempt by both parties to strip away red tape. The […]

Posted: September 27 2014