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Fresh from Dave Eggers new book…

I have been pursuing self education in technology criticism here is a good one "[People] somehow assume that the Internet is going to be the catalyst of change that will push young people into the streets, while in fact it may actually be the new opium for the masses which will keep the same people […]

Posted: December 12 2013
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english young farmer naked for charity

I suppose this is a tradition in england. "naked old ladies raise money for local hospital"...etc Their traditional boots and hats help keep dignity, but not totally. S

Posted: December 5 2013
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new format for cooperation


Posted: July 11 2013
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a wonderful job in my town- farm jobs!

[email protected] ---

Posted: March 7 2013
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a precedant

Can we conduct a thought experiment together? Back in the times-- the government worked to protect growers from cheapening prices. IN this case in Cotton. Very bold maneuvers taken. Similarly bold maneuvers of incentivized land use could convert thousands of metro-accessible acres to be put into active use for vegetable production.

Posted: February 27 2011