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a legal step forward in the fight against herbicides

Monsanto's Roundup is facing increasing legal pressure with it's active ingredient being labeled as potential carcinogen.  From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s marquee product, Roundup, is coming under fire from hundreds of legal challenges across the U.S., with individuals alleging that the herbicide is carcinogenic and linked to cases of […]

Posted: March 31 2017
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2011 US glyphosate (roundup) usage: graphic and statistics

Source Glyphosate is the chemical name for "Roundup," which is now sold in many non-Monsanto, non-Roundup formulations. Statistics for Glyphosate usage in the USA: IIIIIIIIIIIIIII Roundup Ready crops - glyphosate-treated acres Corn and soybeans: 160 million acres Cotton: 9-10 million acres Sugarbeets and canola together: 2 to 3 million acres Alfalfa: about 6 million acre […]

Posted: October 17 2014