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certificate program in organic ag from the rodale institute in the mid-atlantic

[youtube] Looking for a well-rounded training in organic farming? Have military service? The Rodale Institue and the Delware Valley University partner together to create a 36-credit certificate program in organic agriculture. Formatted specifically for veterans who are interested in agriculture, the program is also open to interested civilians. The program spans one year and […]

Posted: February 3 2017
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Last week the Rodale Institute announced that it was launching the Organic Farmers' Association, headed up by Elizabeth Kucinich, Board Policy Chair for Rodale Institute. From the regional organic farmer associations to the Organic Trade Association to NYFC to your humble Greenhorns here, there sure are a lot of associations composed of or supposedly representing farmers. So maybe […]

Posted: September 27 2016
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positions at rodale

Agriculture Supported Communities Internship Positions At the Rodale Institute We are now accepting applications for Internship Positions in our Agriculture Supported Communities (ASC) Program for the 2013 growing season.  The ASC Program is a modified farm share program offering affordable payment plans to make fresh, local, organic produce accessible to just about anyone in the […]

Posted: February 18 2013
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rodale rodale rodale

Their May newsletter is chock full of good information, resources, tips, and research findings.  Check it our HERE.. And their Spring Planting Festival is this weekend!

Posted: May 7 2010
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famous for Soil Buildling, and  for Apple Butter. get a load of this! Rodale Institute Newsletter Update – Jan. 21, 2010 Three weeks into 2010, writers at the Rodale Institute are celebrating Pennsylvania’s break-through Path of Organic program and rounding up the ways that organic farming can achieve even higher levels of carbon sequestration in […]

Posted: January 22 2010