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100 days of revolt, & still raring to go

Tuesday, 09 March 2021 | Indra Shekhar Singh As an orange sun hung over the Tikri border; Rakesh Tikait along with other leaders was addressing the gathering of farmers on the 99th evening of the farmers’ revolution. To mark the 100th day, plans were to be made. Farmers were preparing to block the National Highway into Delhi […]

Posted: March 17 2021
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Vermonters: Join the Climate Strike!

“Vermont has always been a leader in the climate movement, and we’re heeding the call of concerned youth. We need Vermonters to step up and demand action to protect us and our children,” said Abby Mnookin of 350Vermont, one of the organizations in the VT Climate Coalition. “With eight days of actions, we’re kicking it […]

Posted: September 15 2019
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on the front lines of the great fight of our times

[youtube] The activists currently protecting the water commons, their indigenous heritage, and our planet against institutionalized corporate greed. We stand with them. See Thursday's post for more background on the Dakota Access Pipeline and the protest again it and for ways you can help, and, at the very least, sign the petition here.

Posted: September 7 2016
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new york farm workers rally and walk for bargaining rights and decent working conditions

Walking the 200 miles from Long Island to Albany, protesters stopped at City Hall in New York City last Saturday chanting si se puede. According to Democracy Now!, the protesters are walking in support of the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act (more about this from the ACLU), asking that farm workers have the right to collective bargaining, an optional […]

Posted: May 24 2016
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listen to one of the most wonderful PSAs of all time

[youtube] "We can get America back if we get ourselves back. You don't need drugs; you don't need gurus; you only need to believe in yourself. Remember it only takes a small circle of friends to get back to a life based on reality rather than escape." We'd like to add that you don't […]

Posted: January 27 2016
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america's youth protest keystone

[youtube]) HERE. On Sunday, March 2, 2014, a group of young people called XL Dissent organized a march from Georgetown University to Lafayette Park, which is opposite the White House, to register their opposition to the possible approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Going into more depth than the NEWS BRIEF, this video gives […]

Posted: March 12 2014
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rally to stop the trans pacific partnership

[vimeo w=500&h=375] Check out this video of the rally held in Madison, WI on Sat. Aug. 10th against Fast Track and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).  The TPP is the "mother" of all free trade agreements. Yikes!! Several hundred people attended.    

Posted: August 16 2013
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european farmers stage mega protest

Setting fires and spraying thousands of gallons of milk to protest unsustainable milk prices. Prices which are lower than the cost of production. Europe Milk Quota Protest: Police Sprayed With Thousands Of Litres Of Fresh Milk   Here in The United States, we cannot even pass the Farm Bill

Posted: December 3 2012
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Sadly we were unable to attend Planet Diversity and the international protest in defense of Seeds! in Germany last week.  However, you can read all about it, and watch youtube of the protest theatrics and the biopiracy awards.  [youtube=] Remember, the biggest crimes of this generation aren't even illegal yet.

Posted: May 22 2008