Prelinger Library

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2016 prelinger library funding appeal,_Prelinger_Library.jpg The Prelinger Library ( is an urban oasis of research, community, art, and collaboration in San Francisco. It is a freely publicly accessible workshop where artists, writers, and activists from around the Bay and across the world meet to read, research and make new works of all kinds. We offer all visitors the chance […]

Posted: May 25 2016
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in praise of the library

The Gravity of Paper The other day I visited an astounding library of forgotten paper. Located in San Francisco, in a large utilitarian room in a drab building, the Prelinger Library is an electrifying planetary power spot. Sparks of inspiration, adoration, amazement, and love issue from between the towering stacks of paper and tapes. While […]

Posted: July 17 2013
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i recently gave a little talk at washington university

Its a university in St. Louis Missouri. I visited a history of agriculture class. The professor was making a lot of assertions about sustainability, and the obsolescence of various simple yet sophisticated farming practices/equipment. It was quite infuriating. Luckily I had a tiny chance for rebuttal. The Long Now Foundation in San Francisco recently sponsored […]

Posted: November 14 2009
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The Farmer Turns The Tables

Here's a beautiful image from the Prelinger Library.  Click on the image to bring it to full size.  And check out the new Prelinger Library Digital Collections:

Posted: March 30 2009