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insect numbers fall by 76% in 27 years signaling an impending 'ecological armageddon'

The Guardian are warning of an ecological armageddon due to the data published in a study released yesterday which shows that insect populations have declined by over 75% in the last quarter century. “Insects make up about two-thirds of all life on Earth [but] there has been some kind of horrific decline,” said Prof Dave Goulson […]

Posted: October 19 2017
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"bee" kind to pollinators!

Amazing facts and ways to protect the world's pollinators.

Posted: January 27 2017
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USDA scientists suspended in connection to his research on monarchs

Sit back, friends. I've got a story for you. (Spoiler alert, it involves pesticides, pollinators, USDA protection of Big Ag interests, and the failure of the US government to protect whistleblowers.) “Politics inside USDA have made entomology a high risk specialty.” In early 2015, USDA scientist, Dr. Jonathon Lundgren submitted his research on pesticides and pollinators […]

Posted: November 29 2015
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grow it! social media for plants

Check out this new free app to help connect communities to their local landscapes!  With real-time plant identification, this could be a wonderful tool to promote plant, flower and tree biodiversity. Available for android and iphone, click here to download this free app!

Posted: November 4 2015
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save the bees (3 ways)

Watch this short interview: Tree Hive Bees- Scientific Research to Save the Honeybees For those who are concerned about the plight of the honeybees, here's a recent interview with a bee researcher who is doing novel work to try and find solutions. This may be a timely video given that there are still groups out there […]

Posted: August 5 2015
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upcoming webinar: enhancing native pollinator populations on farms

April 17, Noon - 1 pm EDT We need these farming partners to pollinate our fruit and vegetable crops, yet our native pollinators and honey bees are struggling from multiple threats of pesticide exposure, habitat loss, parasites and diseases.  John Hayden from The Farm Between in Jeffersonville, VT will present on who the native pollinators […]

Posted: April 10 2014
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pollinators on the farmscape

Are you interested in learning more about pollinators? Don't miss out on this great opportunity at Stone Barns Center!    Pollinators on the Farmscape Saturday, September 29, 2012 1:00PM-3:00PM Join Laura Perkins, Stone Barn Center’s Gardener, for a walking workshop focused on pollinators. In addition to discussing how to encourage the presence of pollinators, Laura will cover […]

Posted: September 25 2012