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watch: practicing for when peace breaks out on the latest our land

Great things are happening at the intersection between social justice, farming, and faith. Watch the latest episode of outland to get inspired!

Posted: April 28 2017
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latest ourland episode is out! and it's awesome

The latest episode of our land is live. Good for thinking, dreaming, and getting a little teary-eyed.

Posted: April 11 2017
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ourland is on youtube; watch the web series!

http://ourland.tv/sandbox/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/ourland-header-2.jpg You can find the Y0uTube channel HERE or you can visit the OurLand website HERE! Be sure to watch them all!

Posted: September 26 2014
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a young agrarian land covenant:

Food for Thought, For Becoming at Home in Our Place, For Thoughtfulness in Producing Food. By Gary Nabhan With future generations in mind, may my family and friends never leave the land we steward poorer, nor its water scarcer than conditions were before we acquired responsibility for their care. May we keep land meant to […]

Posted: April 25 2014
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the greenhorns are happy to release

OURLAND  Episode 4: Access to Grazing Market demand continues to swell for ethically raised, pasture-based livestock, poultry, eggs and milk. These products fetch a major price premium over the conventional, confinement raised alternative, and present the possibility for small scale producers to make a livelihood. Young graziers are joining the fray to meet that market […]

Posted: March 27 2014
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adaptive seeds

[vimeo=https://vimeo.com/44949759] New video at http://ourland.tv/

Posted: February 21 2013