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best milking practices online course

[youtube] Penn State Extension are running a best milking practice course for professionals in the dairy industry who want to learn about problems on dairy farms that result from mastitis. "Best Milking Practices" is a self-paced course primarily designed for dairy producers, employees and managers that teaches concepts to help them measure and reduce levels of mastitis, and […]

Posted: November 20 2017
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farm classes online this winter

Winter is a great time for farmers to rest, slow down the pace, and build new skills for the coming growing season. The Cornell Small Farms Program is pleased to announce the winter roster of online courses available through its Northeast Beginning Farmer Project. These courses help farmers learn from the latest research-based education. Since […]

Posted: December 27 2015
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hms beagle's library is now availble for free online!

At 22, Charles Darwin set sail for a 5-year trip around the world. His notes from the Galapagos and other destinations were central to the development of his theory of evolution through natural selection, which he described in his 1859 book, On the Origin of Species. The lost collection of books that kept Darwin company […]

Posted: July 19 2014
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planning for profit

PLANNING FOR PROFIT II AN ADVANCED, 9 WEEK, ONLINE WHOLE FARM PLANNING COURSE Take your financial & marketing plans to the next level of profitability! JANUARY 17 – MARCH 13, 2012 Live Course Webinars Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:00pm Register Today!   Course Description This is an advanced, whole farm planning course for existing farmers/ranchers. As […]

Posted: December 20 2011