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sight and insight in the californian desert

Journalist Kate Bolick recently wrote about her experience in visiting artist Andrea Zittel in the Californian desert. Zittel has spent the past 20 years of her career exploring solitude and this path has led her to create her "Experimental Living Cabins" at A-Z West near Joshua Tree National Park. "Zittel sees herself as part of the 20th-century tradition […]

Posted: November 23 2017
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walden today might have thoreau turning in his grave

The little pond the keeps on giving, what we can learn about climate change from Walden 163 years after Thoreau.

Posted: January 16 2017
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bread is broken

On the morning of July 13, like most mornings, Stephen Jones’s laboratory in Mount Vernon, Wash., was suffused with the thick warm smell of baking bread. Jones walked me around the floor, explaining the layout. A long counter split the space down the middle. To the right was what Jones called ‘‘the science part,’’ a […]

Posted: November 18 2015
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"we are beginning to see the power of food as an issue"

Mark Bittman's article in the New York Times, Nov. 25, 2014. There are four basic ways to change the food system. I talk about three of them a lot: The first is to eat differently, focusing on good food and especially plants; the second is to bring change to your work, whether that means becoming […]

Posted: November 28 2014
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the way north: effects of immigration in america's heartland

Last month, the New York Times staff photographer Todd Heisler and a reporter, Damien Cave, set off on an ambitious journey to travel up Interstate 35, chronicling how the middle of America is being changed by immigration. Check out their journey HERE!

Posted: June 13 2014