Kiss the Ground

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goats in the city

Two of our favorite things: regenerative land stewardship and videos of goats doing adorable things.

Posted: April 20 2017
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historic cover cropping

[youtube] Do we like preaching to the choir? Sure do! Enter, this week's installment from Kiss the Ground on using cover cropping for carbon sequestration. Now, can I get an Amen?! This video features Jeff Borum, Soil Health Coordinator East Stanislaus Resource Conservation District , who mentions that some of the oldest records of […]

Posted: April 12 2017
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regenerative enterprise

Regenerative Enterprise, or the idea that business doesn't have to suck so much. Wait! Don't go: before you think I'm about to preach to the choir on creating businesses that go beyond the extractive model, or throw some vague "Be sustainable!" nonsense at you, don't worry. Enter, the Regenerative Business Institute, a nonprofit with its roots in permaculture and […]

Posted: March 31 2017
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earthen building for the future

Build local.

Posted: March 28 2017
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believe it or not, tasty food is an environmentalist issue

Spoiler alert: tasty food is good for you, and it's good for the earth.

Posted: March 16 2017
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carbon farming in los angeles

News got you down this week? Our friends at Kiss the Ground serve up another heaping video of hope.

Posted: March 9 2017
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ecosystems 101

An excellent infographic.

Posted: March 4 2017
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PSA: go outside: it's foraging season

Our friends at Kiss the Ground give us some sweet inspiration to get outside and find wild edibles and medicinals.

Posted: February 27 2017
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praise be the tree

Have you taken any time today to think about how great trees are? Andy Lipkis of Tree People in Los Angeles is on Kiss the Ground to right that wrong.

Posted: February 16 2017
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the radically pragmatic idea of biomicry

The folks at Kiss the Ground give us a lesson in biomimicry, an extraordinarily useful concept which can basically be summed up to "don't waste time reinventing the wheel."

Posted: January 29 2017
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"bee" kind to pollinators!

Amazing facts and ways to protect the world's pollinators.

Posted: January 27 2017