Keep the Soil in Organic

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watch: keep the soil in organic

[youtube] Since last July there have been 15 Rallies to Protect Organic. Some of these Rallies were big, and some were small. They happened from California to Maine. The central theme of the Rallies has been to honor healthy soil as the essential foundation of organic farming. There is one more Rally still to come; […]

Posted: October 28 2017
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letter from keep the soil in organics!

Dave Champan from Keep the Soil in Organics discusses the movement and the latest developments at the Nation Organic Standards Board.

Posted: May 10 2017
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keep the soil in organic

Can produce grown in a soilless medium be called organic? Vermont-based "Keep the Soil in Organic" says HECK, NO. Growing rapidly, this grassroots movement is drawing attention to the degradation of organic certification by big money and corporate interest in hydroponics. Started with a petition by two small-scale organic farmers, Dave Chapman and David Miskell, […]

Posted: December 15 2016