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shelter in place: the urban homesteader's dream?

How might we make the most of these unfolding, uncertain times? In the face of COVID-19, folks across the country find themselves holed up, whether self-isolating, quarantining, or social distancing -- the jargon goes on. We at the greenhorns propose to YOU: allow these mandates to motivate your homesteading genius! If you are fortunate to […]

Posted: March 21 2020
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FREE lifetime lease on a 65 acre land trust parcel in WV [EDIT: NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

[[[[[[[THIS LAND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT APC WITH REQUESTS FOR INFO.]]]]]]]]] The Appalacian Catholic Worker has put out a call for someone to rent a beloved but human-starved piece of land in West Virginia. [Edit: please note that this is NOT a Greenhorns offer. The following text is from the APC, whose contact […]

Posted: July 12 2016
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ojai community makes spring happen

Posted: March 22 2016
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homesteading course in maine

Spring Semester course at Stone Soup Insitute in Harpswell Maine. Stone Soup Institute is offering a spring semester to four students who are curious and adventuresome enough to explore the learning opportunities on a small homestead in coastal Maine. The major focus of this semester will be farming and farm construction.  Coursework will include: Use […]

Posted: February 25 2013
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every city has a food shed..

but does every city have a homesteader's league?

Posted: January 21 2011