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nyéléni newsletter: land grabs and land justice

Nyéléni NewsletterNumber 40, June 2020 From La Via Campesina: This issue of Nyéléni is the first part of two editions (June and September) dedicated to the theme of land. This issue examines the challenges of the current rush for land by financial and corporate actors, from the local to the global. It assesses current opportunities […]

Posted: June 19 2020
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the people's agroecology process

A NEW PUBLICATION! published on WhyHunger, and co-authored by grassroots organizations in the Caribbean and North America: The People’s Agroecology Process: Unlocking Our Power Through Agroecology // [pdf] You can download the publication in English and Spanish. Text from WhyHunger: "Six years of experience under their belt, grassroots organizations launched this year a new publication describing their path […]

Posted: June 12 2020
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help the best climate movie of the year get out and get us together 

This movie. Speaks directly to the heart of climate change resistance.  It takes you to the brink of despair and then builds you back up. I cried. I danced. In fact, the whole audience danced, standing up out of their seats. And you will too.  Trust me. Now, filmmaker Josh Fox (of Gasland) is touring the […]

Posted: March 18 2016
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the land portal

There is a wealth of information and data online about land governance. However, much of this content is fragmented and difficult to locate, and often it is not openly licensed to enable wide dissemination and reuse. Grassroots knowledge may be particularly hard to find, or may not be available online, and the data and information […]

Posted: November 28 2014