Grange Future

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vintage grange pin

Spotted this weekend at the NOFA Mass Winter Conference! Thanks to conference presenter Martin Dagoberto of MA Right to Know and MA Pollen Action for coming over to share this sweet swag with us!

Posted: January 18 2017
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Ojai CITRUS HAPPENINGS next weekend!

Hey Greenhorns...What is the Future of Citrus? Have you been wondering? We're sponsoring two great events this weekend in Ojai related to this question.   Saturday 23rd April 2pm Community Rights Workshop at Oak Grove School with Javan Briggs Sunday 24th April 2pm Citrus Grafting working at Poco Farm with John Valenzuela RSVP HERE. Specifically, we're asking: All these commodity […]

Posted: April 19 2016
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ojai community makes spring happen

Posted: March 22 2016
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before bernie sanders: a 19th century populist's run for the presidency

We are nearing a serious crisis. If the present strained relations between wealth owners and wealth producers continue much longer they will ripen into frightful disaster. This universal discontent must be quickly interpreted and its causes removed. It is the country’s imperative Call to Action, and cannot be longer disregarded with impunity.   So begins […]

Posted: November 25 2015
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state of the maine grange

STATE OF THE GRANGE by Mary Pols Originally Posted on the Portland Press Herlad This week, the Maine State Grange holds its annual conference in Skowhegan. What, you didn’t know? Once upon a time, you absolutely would have known, because Grange was an integral part of Maine rural life, a gathering place for farmers and community […]

Posted: October 25 2015
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maine grange halls

Photographer, Rose Marasco, has developed a large collection of photographs of the aging Grange halls of Maine. The halls in her photographs are at once regal relics of the past and a little spooky, leaving us both nostalgic and slightly unsettled by their slight disrepair. See a sampling of the collection on her website. A […]

Posted: October 18 2015
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history of the grange wars

West Coast Grange Wars: A Reborn Farmers’ Movement Takes on Corporate Agriculture By John Collins, Rural America In These Times As more and more grocery shoppers refuse to write-off the origins of their food as some unsolvable whodunit, a network of sustainability minded, locally oriented farmers are working to connect those people to calories from known sources. […]

Posted: June 15 2015
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the west coast grange wars

On one hand you have an established order that, while quick to conjure its Populist origins, appears threatened by the kind of grassroots change it once championed. On the other, a contingent of rogue Grangers—progressives decidedly less interested in nostalgia than their national counterpart—attempting to breathe new life into an aging system that doesn’t seem […]

Posted: June 14 2015