gary nabhan

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tucson arizona recognized as world city of gastronomy by unesco Tucson has always been a city of gastronomy. Today, it was designated a World City of Gastronomy by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), becoming the first city in the United States to receive such a designation. The designation adds Tucson to UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, created in 2004 to promote […]

Posted: December 11 2015
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seedhead news

  The entire archive ofThe Seedhead News, a Native Seed/SEARCH member newsletter, is available online! You can browse through the 31-year history of the organization and learn an astounding amount about the agricultural and cultural diversity of the Greater Southwest. All issues are text-searchable and downloadable in PDF format. Visit the archive to start reading!

Posted: July 19 2014
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a young agrarian land covenant:

Food for Thought, For Becoming at Home in Our Place, For Thoughtfulness in Producing Food. By Gary Nabhan With future generations in mind, may my family and friends never leave the land we steward poorer, nor its water scarcer than conditions were before we acquired responsibility for their care. May we keep land meant to […]

Posted: April 25 2014
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growing food in a hotter, drier land

Gary Nabhan's newest book, out next month. From his website: With climatic uncertainty now “the new normal,” many farmers, gardeners, and orchardists in North America are desperately seeking ways to adapt how they grow food in the face of climate change. The solutions may be at our back door. In Growing Food in a Hotter, […]

Posted: May 21 2013