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the movement of "boulanger paysan" farmer bakers in france and around the world.

This video is in French! To translate, go in Youtube at the bottom of the video player, turn on subtitles and click settings wheel > subtitles/cc to switch language. Enjoy!

Posted: December 25 2020
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accessible innovation

An interesting wind powered sailing initiative that is documenting different low-tech solutions from around the world.

Posted: May 8 2017
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commons based technology: a glimpse inside l`atelier paysan

A photo tour of Les Recontres, a radical hands-on skill-sharing event in France hosted by French farm hacking heroes l'Atelier Paysan.

Posted: January 6 2017
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french farm hack's registration open now!

You will have the opportunity to take part in a wealth of activities: introductory sessions to metal work, talks, workshops, conferences, etc. In this form you can tell us the activities that interest you the most, and help us to put together a programme that suits your needs! In order to keep things simple, we […]

Posted: May 27 2016
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a french tool box of farmer-driven technologies and in english! We are a French-speaking collective of small-scale farmers, employees and agricultural development organisations, gathered together as a cooperative named l’Atelier Paysan. Based on the principle that farmers are themselves innovators, we have been collaboratively developing methods and practices to reclaim farming skills and achieve self-sufficiency in relation to the tools and machinery […]

Posted: March 21 2016
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farm hack in france!

I don't know about you, but the list of words that I can actually read is French is pretty short, spans the length of soufflé to the lyrics of "Lady Marmalade." So, when I look at this website, I can just barely string enough cognates and context clues together to glean the most basic and […]

Posted: January 24 2016
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atelier paysan gathering this june

Atelier Paysan is a French cooperative of small-scale farmers, engineers and agricultural development organisations. Together, we develop methods and practices to reclaim farming skills and achieve self-sufficiency in relation to the tools and machinery used in organic farming. On 17th, 18th and 19th June 2016, we will be holding a gathering on a farm in […]

Posted: January 22 2016
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the french take their agriculture very seriously

[youtube] Check out this dorky awesome video. Commence agricultural trance.

Posted: October 10 2015
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apologies... but the farmers are coming

"My apologies to the Parisians," said Sebastien Louzaouen, a member of the Young Farmers' Union in France, "but the farmers are coming." The warning comes as an estimated 1,700 tractors and thousands of agricultural workers from across the country rolled into downtown Paris on Thursday – part of a growing protest movement led by unionized  small- and medium-scale […]

Posted: September 7 2015
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monetizing charity is deeply problematic, in france they say NO!

France to force big supermarkets to give unsold food to charities  By Angelique Chrisafis, The Guardian, May 22, 2015 French supermarkets will be banned from throwing away or destroying unsold food and must instead donate it to charities or for animal feed, under a law set to crack down on food waste. The French national assembly […]

Posted: July 14 2015
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our favorite french DIY cooperative

If you can read French, this is a great resource from the folks at L'Atelier Paysan.  If French looks like gobbledygook to you, this website is still worth an exploration (read: random clicking) because what they are doing is awesome. Check it out HERE! (Hint: "outils" means "tools" in French).

Posted: July 19 2014
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inglorious fruits and vegetables! an amazing french model to follow

Posted: July 3 2014
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the frenchmen are coming!

a quick note from Severine: Julien and Joseph from " Ada bio Autoconstruction" are coming across from France to visit farms in Canada, Vermont, NY state-- Severine is driving them around.  These are the open source hackers who have focused on tool-design and fabrication skills training for diversified organic farms in France, and have […]

Posted: January 22 2014
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1700 hectares of public land

Land Trusts Across the Pond from The Agrarian Trust July 1, 2013 [vimeo w=500&h=281] A trust for public land in France: Terre de Liens is a civil society organization created in 2003 to address the difficulties faced by organic and peasant farmers in securing agricultural land. Land prices are high and land market so competitive […]

Posted: July 6 2013
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french farmers

French recession: Farms feeling the pinch A year after French President Francois Hollande was elected, promising growth and jobs, the economy has slipped back into recession. As the BBC's Christian Fraser reports, economic problems are affecting rural workers as much as those in the city. The Lot-et-Garonne region is home to the largest organic farming […]

Posted: May 17 2013