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all watched over by machines of loving grace (tv series)

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace is a BBC television documentary series by filmmaker Adam Curtis.[1] In the series, Curtis argues that computers have failed to liberate humanity, and instead have "distorted and simplified our view of the world around us."[2] The title is taken from a 1967 poem of the same name by Richard Brautigan.[3] The first episode was originally broadcast at 9 pm on […]

Posted: January 21 2021
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Fungi Day, April 21

Join us on April 21st for FUNGI DAY, a mycelial call to start the celebration of this monumental Earth Day 2020 (now in its 50th year!). Fungi Day will feature a virtual global gathering with renowned mycologist @PaulStamets, Director @LouieFilms, and many special guests. Watch the film and register for the Q&A now to discover […]

Posted: April 17 2020
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A CROWD-FUNDED FILM SERIES DOCUMENTING FOREST CULTURES WATCH NOW, EP1: Ecological Forestry Mike DeMunn is a prominent forester and conservationist who has managed thousands of acres of forest across the Eastern US. Mike is of French-English and Seneca-Onondaga Iroquois heritage and is a person who has walked the edge between two worlds, combining understanding of […]

Posted: February 25 2020
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Summer Camp Film Series: MOVIE NIGHTS! at Reversing Hall, August 21 to 24

Craving a summer evening filled with fantastic, award-winning film on food, farming and the future? Join Greenhorns for our Summer Camp Film Series, featuring inspiring films about the quests of farmers engaging with the food system for a brighter, more biodiverse, more just future. Screenings will take place at Reversing Hall, 4 Leighton Point Rd. […]

Posted: August 14 2019
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screening of 'the native and the refugee' in new lebanon ny tomorrow

Abode Farm are holding a screening of Native and the Refugee, a film directed and produced by friends of the farm, tomorrow, October 24th. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers Matt Peterson and Malek Rasamny and will take place in the Family Room in Fatah Hall at the Abode of the Message. […]

Posted: October 23 2017
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evolution of organic hits theaters this month!

The world premier of the Evolution of Organic (see our previous post on this film here and here) is finally upon us! You can catch the event at the opening Night of Green Film Fest 2017 on April 20 at the Castro Theatre. Schedule as follows: 6:00pm  ::  Opening Night Reception with Mark Kitchell and Festival filmmakers 7:30pm  ::  Evolution of Organic (Mark […]

Posted: April 14 2017
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revolutions start from the bottom: film series on agricultural solutions to climate change

[vimeo 173969073 w=640 h=360] Unbroken Ground from Patagonia Provisions on Vimeo. Film maker Chris Malloy asks, how can different aspects of agriculture and our food economy alter to change our relationships to our land and our oceans.

Posted: December 20 2016
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the seeds of vandana shiva

You've probably heard of Vandana Shiva--Indian author, environmental activist, and founder of Navdanya. Now comes a new documentary film about her life titled The Seeds of Vandana Shiva. Watch the trailer below: [vimeo 133208432 w=640 h=360] To help fund this film, please consider a donation.

Posted: December 10 2016
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maine dairy: eight generations and counting

[vimeo 12225749 w=640 h=360] Meet Your Farmer - Tide Mill Farm from Pull-Start Pictures on Vimeo, featuring Aaron Bell and Carly DelSignore and their four children. Aaron is the 8th generation of the Bell family that has lived on Tide Mill Farm, where they now raise chickens, pigs, dairy cows, and beef, along with two acres […]

Posted: August 23 2016
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these border collies melt my stoneheart

[youtube] This short documentary out of the UMaine Extension office may appear jut to be another movie about sheep, but don't be fooled; it's actually the most heartwarming dog movie since Homeward Bound! (Or, we should say, at least for agricultural geeks...) Featuring: Doreen and John Simmons, Gwen, and Bea of Stoneheart Farm in South Paris, Maine.

Posted: July 26 2016
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An Evening Gathering to Support the 2nd Annual International Soil Not Oil Conference Thurs, July 21, 7:30pm, 2016 Free At the Farmer & the Cook Restaurant 339 W El Roblar Dr, Ojai (Meiners Oak) CA 93023 Short films about Soil & Carbon Farming including excerpts from The Seeds of Vandana Shiva documentary film The solution to […]

Posted: July 19 2016
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documentary: the hand that feeds

[vimeo 52870881 w=640 h=360] The Hand That Feeds trailer from Robin Blotnick, a film on reforming the food system by organizing from the ground up for fair wages, fair working conditions, and collective bargaining rights. This is a rare story in which workers, with tenacity beyond imagination, are actually able to defeat the giant. It is […]

Posted: July 14 2016
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[youtube] Modified is a gorgeous and deeply personal feature-length documentary that delves into the labyrinth of asking why, if they are labelled in 64 other world counties, are genetically modified organisms (GMOs)-- not labeled on food products in Canada and the United States. Film maker Aube Giroux (the mastermind behind Kitchen Vignettes) has entirely self-produced the film […]

Posted: July 12 2016
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come a long way baby: new film on the evolution of organic

[vimeo 170086849 w=640 h=360] Peppered with priceless footage of the origins of the organic movement, this film delves head-first into where we came from and where we're going. Our favorite quote from the trailer?  "Organic can get better." Spoiler alert: the Greenhorns are in this film. Fund them here!

Posted: June 21 2016
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so(/e)wing hemp in Kentucky

[vimeo 165600324 w=640 h=360] "In the end there is more than just fiber that tears and fades when you use cheap goods to hold things together." Harvesting Liberty, about Michael Lewis (of Growing Warriors) and Rebecca Burgess (of Fibershed), who have received a grant from Patagonia to support their incredible budding hemp projects in Kentucky. Like most […]

Posted: June 7 2016
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[vimeo 133208432 w=640 h=360]

Posted: April 26 2016
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GOOD DIRT premier @ BAM, april 10

GOOD DIRT is a multimedia performance based on real stories from six diverse farm families in the Hudson Valley. Written by Jeremy Davidson and directed by Mary Stuart Masterson of Storyhorse Documentary Theater, GOOD DIRT illustrates the fragility of our agricultural heritage and inspires the audience to rebuild what’s been lost.  APRIL 10, 2016 // PREMIER Show starts at […]

Posted: March 13 2016
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expired! watch the film!

[vimeo 154439089 w=500 h=281] Together, the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) and Racing Horse Productions presents Expired? Food Waste in America. The film is visually compelling, full of all kinds of trivia worth knowing (for instance: there's no federal standard on how to create an expiration date?), and poses some real compelling food for thought about how our […]

Posted: February 14 2016
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occupy the farm, now streaming

[youtube] Following a successful theatrical release in fifty cities nationwide, the acclaimed documentary OCCUPY THE FARM is now available to stream or download on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video and VUDU.

Posted: December 13 2015
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short film: age of the farmer

[vimeo 144575429 w=500 h=281] I am not usually one to use this phrase, but this beautiful six-minute documentary on "why we farm" is literally the story of my life. And I bet it'll resonate with you too! Watch: Age of The Farmer from Spencer MacDonald on Vimeo.

Posted: November 8 2015
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not a very green revolution and eight more short, sweet, totally rad films about agriculture

[youtube]   From 9x9, nine short (and really amazing) films about agriculture. Read more and check out the rest of the films here.

Posted: September 27 2015
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hacker wars: the full documentary

[youtube] Staying on theme, The Hacker Wars (embedded above) is a full-length documentary about the war over who controls information on the internet. You catch it all on youtube for free-- which might be an excellent way to round off the Labor Day weekend. Anonymous writes, "The Hacker Wars tells the tales of the anarchic […]

Posted: September 6 2015
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story of our soil

"The regeneration of soil is the task of our generation." The video is great, but their petition is even better. Learn more about the Story of Soil on the group's website. which is a project dedicated to convincing the California legislature to allocate $160 million from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to help rebuild healthy soils.

Posted: August 23 2015
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keystone species under ice

[youtube] The Last Ocean, a film about the commercial fishing of Antarctic keystone species, the Toothfish (aka, the Chilean Sea Bass). The fish is something you can buy for extravagant prices in fancy restaurants, but what is the true price of the harvest? A good example of how important keystone species are to ocean […]

Posted: August 9 2015
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save the bees (3 ways)

Watch this short interview: Tree Hive Bees- Scientific Research to Save the Honeybees For those who are concerned about the plight of the honeybees, here's a recent interview with a bee researcher who is doing novel work to try and find solutions. This may be a timely video given that there are still groups out there […]

Posted: August 5 2015
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3 days left to see RUNOFF in theaters in los angeles & claremont

“As an experience, it’s amazing. If you want to be able to say you were there when a great American filmmaker’s career kicked off, you need to see Runoff.” – RogerEbert We are so pleased to bring the narrative feature film RUNOFF to California. Coming off an extended run in New York City where it played to […]

Posted: July 30 2015
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techno-utopia reading list!

Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures: Cold Evil: Technology and Modern Ethics by Andrew Kimbrell Buddhist Technology: Bringing a New Consciousness to Our Technological Future by Arthur Zajonc The Community's Role in Appropriate Technology by George McRobie Books: New Dimensions of Appropriate Technology: Selected Proceedings of the 1979 Symposium by Alfred L. Edwards Appropriate Technology and Social Values: A Critical […]

Posted: October 23 2014