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ballymoe litfest, ireland, may 19-21

Festival of food and drink takes place in Ballymoe, Ireland this coming May.

Posted: January 25 2017
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yes! adirondack harvest festival! westport, ny, sept. 16-17

Everything from a full moon harvest hike to a pig roast to a floral harvest mixer. See the full schedule!

Posted: September 9 2016
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adirondack harvest festival, sept 16-17, westport, ny

Posted: July 29 2016
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2009 Food Festivals

This brilliant list was prepared by rockstar Sarah Tautin. Read along for the full list, or just download a documen here: food-festivals-2009. FOOD FESTIVALS 2009 (March-onwards) State/County Fair info. culled from indiv. State websites. All other events culled from www.foodreference.com and www.festivals-and-shows.com CAVEATS: State Fair info. is as of 3.1.09 unavailable for GA, and RI's […]

Posted: March 9 2009
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Farm Aid--a call out!

Bicycle powered blender and all, the Greenhorns seed balled it up at the 23rd annual Farm Aid concert last weekend.The Farm Aid concert, held this year outside of Boston, was founded in 1985 by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John COUGAR Mellancamp. Its purpose: "to raise awareness about the loss of family farms and to […]

Posted: September 30 2008