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agriculture resilience act

Farming has always been a risky business. But today, extreme weather events and trade wars are creating challenges that threaten food production and jeopardize farmers’ livelihoods. We must work to keep farmers on the land and in business.  We know that climate change impacts agriculture. Farmers are on the frontlines of climate change. The changing climate necessitates […]

Posted: March 19 2021
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radio interview with draft-horse vegetable farmer

A brief but thought-provoking interview with David Fisher and Anna Maclay of Natural Roots Farm in Conway, MA.

Posted: January 3 2017
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on radio tues dec. 13: farmer, straw-bale builder, and all around agriculture do-er Erica Frenay

Live on Heritage Radio's Greenhorns Radio show this Tuesday, we'll interview farmer Erica Frenay of Shelterbelt Farm in Ithaca New York. Erica also works for Cornell's Small Farms Institute, and her bio on their page should give you an idea of how many rich topics of conversation this interview might follow. Erica began working for […]

Posted: December 10 2016
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seven super do-able steps towards maintaining your creative life as a parent

Artists and farmers alike, we know it ain't easy to maintain your art when you've got buns in and out of the oven. In fact, I'd say that between the sleepless nights of those early years to the struggle of raising kids on what are not famously-lucrative salaries, raising the next generation of beautiful, free-spirited, […]

Posted: August 9 2016
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rip trauger groh, "farming adept"

Though we are a couple weeks late in the posting, we wanted to honor a new agrarian legend who passed-- not unnoticed-- at the end of July. The farming community has been mourning the passing of Trauger Groh, one of the founding members of the Wilton Community Farm in New Hampshire, one of the first […]

Posted: August 8 2016
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are you a human being or a human working?

This great graphic and the following analysis is taken from Dave Pratt a really on-point blog post over at the Ranching for Profit blog about having boundaries between your home life and work life. We think it'll resonate with a lot of farmers and farm workers out there. Read the whole post! If you scored more […]

Posted: April 19 2016
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for your pod bud ears

“And one of those farmer’s said, 'you know we can do this work. This is our lives. We have pride in what we do, this is hard work: building these terraces year after year for a thousand years. This is a part of our culture and that’s why we can do it.' Now, the whole […]

Posted: January 10 2016
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joyous JOJOBA jubilee

You have probably noticed that there's a lot of bad news going around these days, and I don't know about you, but sometimes I just need to watch a feel-good video on the internet. Which brings me to today's installment of Californians just do the coolest things! (The link reroutes you to an episode of old TV treasure, California's […]

Posted: December 20 2015
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short film: age of the farmer

[vimeo 144575429 w=500 h=281] I am not usually one to use this phrase, but this beautiful six-minute documentary on "why we farm" is literally the story of my life. And I bet it'll resonate with you too! Watch: Age of The Farmer from Spencer MacDonald on Vimeo.

Posted: November 8 2015
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it takes a region, saratoga springs, nov. 12-14

Back in June, we posted about the upcoming NESAWG (Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group) It Takes a Region Conference. And maybe, at that moment, you thought that this year's theme of "Putting MOVE in the Movement" was so freaking great that you signed up immediately. If so, good for you! But maybe you, like me, were […]

Posted: October 25 2015
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save the date: national small farm conference

Posted: October 24 2015
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documented agricultural history from 1935-1944

Get ready to be looking at a lot of very amazing old photos on an interactive map... From 1935-1944, the Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information undertook the largest photography project ever sponsored by the federal government. After a series of setbacks in the courts that repealed many of the First New Deal’s program, President […]

Posted: October 20 2015
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small food businesses talk about scale

This 50-minute film by Caroline Paras explores how food enterprises in Portland, ME are scaling in size with an inspiring commitment to the triple bottom line. Good use of a gloomy October weekend.

Posted: October 13 2015
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food fights brought to you by WGBH

Listen to this five part broadcast of stories that paint a picture of both the joys and the challenges faced by the growing number of small suburban and urban farms in New England. Brought to you by WGBH public media.  LISTEN HERE!

Posted: October 13 2015
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work song concert & workshop at mettabee farm

Calling all farm crews and musical historians! Mettabee Farm & Arts in Hillsdale, NY is hosting a two day worksong concert and workshop with Edith & Bennett. To see the event description in full click here Concert Saturday October 17th, 7:00 pm-10:00 pm  $10-$20 suggested donation Bring a tent and gather 'round the campfire to sing songs and […]

Posted: October 13 2015
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the french take their agriculture very seriously

[youtube] Check out this dorky awesome video. Commence agricultural trance.

Posted: October 10 2015
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not a very green revolution and eight more short, sweet, totally rad films about agriculture

[youtube]   From 9x9, nine short (and really amazing) films about agriculture. Read more and check out the rest of the films here.

Posted: September 27 2015
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the independent farmer

Salina, Kansas, Thursday, October 3, 1929

Posted: August 17 2015
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maine-made farm goods sailing soon

Maine-made farm goods soon will wind their way to Boston by schooner It's art. It's protest. It's celebration. And, who knows? It may even be a practical way to get cargo to market. When the wooden two-masted schooner Harvey Gamage sets sail from Portland in late August, laden with Maine farm products destined for Boston […]

Posted: July 28 2015
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apply now grange farm school fall term

As you may remember from our previous blog post, the Grange Farm School in Mendocino County, CA is a 3-month residential farmer training program that combines classroom instruction with experiential education. The program is halfway through its first term, and the fall session-- starts September 1st. The Grange School curriculum focuses on holistic crop and livestock production, and their […]

Posted: July 11 2015
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do farmer's want to be sexy?

photo credit: Donagh Heffernan/ Irish Farmer Calendar How Do Real Farmer's Feel About Their Industry Being Sexed Up? By Lori Rotenberk, Grist, 4 Jun 2015 Donagh Heffernan was living his life, running a dairy farm in Ireland’s scenic Philipstown Cappawhite County Tipperary, when he got a call informing him that he was sexy. Ciara Ryan, the voice […]

Posted: June 9 2015
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old timey


Posted: June 8 2015
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greenhorns report on the national ffa convention

Greenhorns, in partnership with Organic Consumers Association were in attendance last month at the national gathering of the FFA. The FFA National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, saw a sea of 60,000 students representing every nook and cranny of America (and its territories) gathered together for fellowship, belonging, education and scholarly competition. Between the ages of 13 and 18, many of these students are next-in-line to the family farm and occupy a strategically powerful position in the future of American Agriculture; they are kids with land. With a self-confidence rarely seen in teenagers and impeccable public speaking skills, these students in their blue corduroy jackets cut quite the impressive figure, particularly in a stadium context.
They are team-spirited, motivated and articulate, and most of them credit these qualities to the organization that brought them together, the FFA. The FFA is turning these next-in-line farmers, agriscientists, ag teachers and farm sympathizers into successful leaders, fierce entrepreneurs, and good Samaritans...for Big Ag.
This polished youth constituency at the FFA sing the praises, almost exclusively, of Big Ag. How did this happen? Lets start with the obvious place; let’s follow the money.

Posted: November 24 2014
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greenhorns and cycle farm, among others fantastic farmers, featured in orion article "the new farmers"

November/December Orion Magazine Article Today’s green movement is considered by some Millennials and Gen Xers to be an equivalent to the Civil Rights struggle—the organizing principal propelling young people into action. Recent decades have seen unprecedented environmental demonstration in Washington, as well as committed political activism from the likes of, which is staffed almost […]

Posted: October 23 2014
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salvadoran farmers successfully oppose monsanto seeds

What does Monsanto do with their expired seeds? They try and pawn them off on other countries through packages offered by US aid. When the farmers of El Salvador uncovered the requirement that monsanto seed be purchased as part of the aid package, they banded together to block the stipulation. Unfortunately, strings are attached to […]

Posted: July 11 2014
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the best ever speech on creativity.

What makes one company, person (or even farm!) more creative than the next? This is an amazing speech on creativity given by John Cleese (of Monty Python) that will help you to introduce regular time and space for creativity. It's definitely worth a watch!  

Posted: July 11 2014
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clf to offer free legal aid for new england farmers

The Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), a regional New England environmental advocacy organization, is launching a pro bono legal services network for farmers, food entrepreneurs, and food- Through the Legal Services Food Hub (tentative name), CLF will match eligible participants with skilled attorneys who are willing to provide their legal services for free. The program will […]

Posted: March 7 2014