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bicimakina: biking across the US celebrating alternative uses for human-power

  You may be familiar with Farm Hack, started by Greenhorns founder Severine. Farm Hack is a worldwide community of farmers that build and modify their own tools (including a few bicycle based tools like the bike tractor). But have you heard about Bicimakina? Bicimakina is a community of makers, educators, and enthusiasts all joined […]

Posted: May 15 2018
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the right to repair movement takes on apple and john deere in nebraska

"Kyle is one of many farmers in the US fighting for the right to repair their equipment. He and others are getting behind Nebraska’s “Fair Repair” bill, which would require companies to provide consumers and independent repair shops access to service manuals, diagnostic tools and parts so they aren’t limited to a single supplier. They […]

Posted: August 18 2017
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three top-notch videos on farm hack

Springtime's got us all excited about agricultural innovation, and we're pulling these farm hack videos out of retirement.

Posted: April 3 2017
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maine asks trump to make sail freight a reality

Maine submits a request for a barge route to New York City. Now where have we heard that idea before...?

Posted: March 16 2017
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the incredible american-made, open source, radically accessible, and utterly adaptable tractor

The Oggún company created an innovative business model to build the perfect tractor-- and to make it affordable to small farmers everywhere.

Posted: February 28 2017
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farm hack needs you! help fun the patriot weeder!

In the grand tradition and the innovative spirit of Farm Hack, Lu Yoder is embarking on an engineering adventure to respond to the lack of  effective, versatile, adaptive, and cheap weeding systems for smaller-scale farms. The goal is to produce an open-source mechanical weeder that can be easily replicated with common materials and scaled up or […]

Posted: January 10 2017
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commons based technology: a glimpse inside l`atelier paysan

A photo tour of Les Recontres, a radical hands-on skill-sharing event in France hosted by French farm hacking heroes l'Atelier Paysan.

Posted: January 6 2017
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french farm hack's registration open now!

You will have the opportunity to take part in a wealth of activities: introductory sessions to metal work, talks, workshops, conferences, etc. In this form you can tell us the activities that interest you the most, and help us to put together a programme that suits your needs! In order to keep things simple, we […]

Posted: May 27 2016
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a french tool box of farmer-driven technologies and in english! We are a French-speaking collective of small-scale farmers, employees and agricultural development organisations, gathered together as a cooperative named l’Atelier Paysan. Based on the principle that farmers are themselves innovators, we have been collaboratively developing methods and practices to reclaim farming skills and achieve self-sufficiency in relation to the tools and machinery […]

Posted: March 21 2016
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farm hack in france!

I don't know about you, but the list of words that I can actually read is French is pretty short, spans the length of soufflé to the lyrics of "Lady Marmalade." So, when I look at this website, I can just barely string enough cognates and context clues together to glean the most basic and […]

Posted: January 24 2016
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unveiling a shiny new tool library

Shiny New Tool Library at! After receiving a SARE grant in partnership with UVM this past spring to improve functionality of our Tool documentation platform, this summer has been a big web development push for Farm Hack.  We have just launched a re-design of the Tools section of the website. The new version is intended to make both […]

Posted: December 6 2015
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farm hack UK

[vimeo 142048712 w=500 h=281] Farm Hack 2015 from Sylvie Planel on Vimeo.

Posted: November 29 2015
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mendocino farm hack, dec 6-7.

When: 12/6/2014 Where: Grange Ag School. 16200 Willits Road. Willits, CA 95490 Mendocino County will host its first FarmHack at the Little Lake Grange and Ridgewood Ranch in Willits, CA this December 6-7. This weekend long event will bring together business owners, engineers and mechanics, farmers and home-scale producers to learn about the possibilities of […]

Posted: November 28 2014
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watch the outcomes of DIY

video from the MIT Global Challenge - Farm Hack! + a play-by-play blog from the weekend  

Posted: March 12 2011