farm bureau

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a calling out of the farm bureau's "right to farm" proposal

Nearly every state has a "Right to Farm" act, which basically protects farmers from nuisance lawsuits like when your cows moo and it's too loud for your vacation-home neighbors to tolerate. This act, however, is being pushed into other endeavors concerning deregulation and agribusiness. Listen to John Ikerd lay the smack down.

Posted: September 19 2014
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who's behind the farm bureau?

A perspective from 1943. Download the pdf: Kansas Union Farmer

Posted: May 5 2014
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does the farm bureau work for me?

via FERN We're happy to share our latest report, on how the American Farm Bureau leads the charge against efforts to limit industrial-scale food production as the single most powerful farm lobby in the US, out today on Here's the story:   Please share it with your networks! You can also follow us […]

Posted: July 18 2012
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just in

The farm bureau is working on leadership training and growing more Ag activists.  Comments?

Posted: February 5 2010