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traces of glyphosate found in ben & jerry's icecream leads company to launch an organic range.

The Health Research Institute (HRI) laboratories  recently reported that there were traces of glyphosate found in  13 out of 14 tubs of Ben & Jerry ice cream tested in the EU. The samples came from a range of countries including  the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Glyphosate is one of the most controversial of weedkillers […]

Posted: October 14 2017
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largest field study of its kind shows that pesticide use is killing bees.

We posted last week about a study carried out on bee populations in NNY and the effects that pathogens and parasites are having on bee populations in the region, however it seems as though bee health is the flavour of the month as another, much larger study has just been released which studied the effects […]

Posted: July 3 2017
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amazing european organization and ahead of the game when it comes to land access!

Our organizations work together to strengthen practical knowledge - on both problems and solutions - in the field of access to land for agroecological farmers. We thereby aim to promote the emergence and consolidation of grassroots initiatives, working towards securing access to land and land stewardship, as well as fostering a broader evolution of national […]

Posted: October 29 2015
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maps of gmo free zones in europe

Anyone thinking about visiting a GMO free zone in Europe? These MAPS will lead the way.

Posted: April 4 2014
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more on seed solidarity

You may be a loyal enough blog reader to have caught the thread on TTIP TTP and TPP.  These are free trade agreements being written and negotiated on practically intergalactic level.  The stakes are high, especially around agriculture, intellectual property rights, and trade rules-- but unlike during the WTO talks which triggered a massive mobilization […]

Posted: January 23 2014