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sierra club endorses consumer-owned utility in Maine

In the Portland Press Herald this week Sierra Club officially endorsed Our Power: “The choice is ours. We can be captive customers of CMP and Versant’s profiteers or save Maine dollars while investing in better, more reliable service, and a more rapid and affordable shift to clean energy.” We couldn't agree more, which is why we […]

Posted: December 8 2021
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easy steps you can take to reduce your electromagnetic pollution exposure

Every little bit helps! These fifteen steps from Katie Singer are also good initiatives towards reducing energy usage, reconnecting with the physical world, and saving your sanity. I like number 5 the best: 5. Think of your mobile phone as a message-taker. Program it to let you know every two hours whether or not you’ve got a […]

Posted: December 6 2016
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amazing new energy source: introducing TREES

Scientists at the Climate/Energy Design and Research institute (CEDAR) have just announced the discovery of an astounding new energy source that promises to solve several of humanity’s thorniest dilemmas at once. “This is a paradigm-shifting moment,” says Dawn O’Newday, the engineer in charge of the project. “Whatever your game is, this changes it. Big time.” […]

Posted: August 26 2015
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solutions for self reliance

  RESILIENCE is a community where people who pursue self-reliance and freedom come to get ideas on: Growing and Preserving Food Capturing, Storing and Purifying Water Generating Your Own Energy Building Your Mortgage-Free Home (On or Off-Grid) Appropriate Technology & Tools for Self-Reliance Getting Resilient and Prepared for the Unexpected

Posted: August 19 2015
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light up the farm

with Sustainable Energy! 2012 Field Day Series offers “How-to” information on incorporating solar panels, wind turbines, radiant heat, passive solar and ecological stewardship practices into your farm or homestead. Have you been considering transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy on your farm or homestead?  The farmers in the 2012 “Light Up the Farm with […]

Posted: September 19 2012
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a wonderful program

Training unemployed construction and building workers in the skills of energy retrofit.  This is a magnificent use of public investment! Home Energy Retrofit Exchange The Retrofit Exchange was designed to address the critical worker shortage. This Retrofit Marketplace Exchange networks the entire industry together, automates many of the missing business skills, and improves the rate […]

Posted: April 11 2012