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california is blessed with rains, but what about other regions?

California may be climbing out of its drought, but much of West Africa is struggling with the effects 0f climate change.

Posted: February 24 2017
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the wild west of weed has a water problem

Some drought-stricken rivers and streams in Northern California's coastal forests are being polluted and sucked dry by water-guzzling medical marijuana farms, wildlife officials say -- an issue that has spurred at least one county to try to outlaw personal grows. State fish and wildlife officials say much of the marijuana being grown in northern counties […]

Posted: July 11 2014
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did drought kill your trees? here's some help...

2012 and 2013 were tough years for planting/growing anything in much of the US.  If it wasn't flooding, it was a drought.   Trees died.  The FSA office of USDA is here to help (with cash to recoup your losses). Even for losses you may have had two years ago! The Details The farm bill […]

Posted: April 11 2014
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books to read

Drought in the 1930's: The Worst Hard Time Drought in the 2010's: Full Planet, Empty Plates Check out the connection.

Posted: February 4 2013