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land in maryland needs a farmer

Farmer needed for land located 8 miles outside Washington, DC, in Montgomery County,MD. Historic property on 2 acres has two existing organic, fenced gardens; smokehouse and root cellar—plus enough additional sunny space to create hoop gardens or greenhouse.  Will rent or barter to interested party.

Posted: March 7 2013
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'American Meat' documentary

'American Meat,' is the acclaimed new documentary that chronicles the grassroots revolution in sustainable meat production.  The film, an official selection of the recent Food Day 2011, stars legendary farmer Joel Salatin of Swoope, Va. and interviews farmers, food advocates and agronomists across the country.  There are two upcoming screenings: FREE at 7 p.m., Thurs., […]

Posted: November 24 2011
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let's get someone hip

National Public Radio Reporter/Correspondent, Agriculture Job Description This full-time, radio and online reporter focuses on food, agriculture and nutrition, putting them in a larger context of consumer safety, federal oversight, energy policies, environmental impact, scientific developments, politics, as well as global development and relations. The reporter develops radio ideas/proposals for reports and programs; responds to […]

Posted: February 10 2011