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abandoned orchard revival! a cooperative venture

[vimeo] Though this video is set in Germany, the same situations exist across North America. Learning how to care for these old trees is not only a valuable skill that will give these trees a new lease on life, but one that will allow you to harvest the results for many years to come. […]

Posted: October 16 2014
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rice growing regions in china are more cooperative, interdependent

This story is part of National Geographic's special eight-month Future of Food series. Rice and wheat do more than feed the world. They have also affected the way we think—in dramatically different ways. That is the result of a study published Thursday in Science comparing people from different parts of China. Researchers led by Thomas […]

Posted: October 9 2014
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our favorite french DIY cooperative

If you can read French, this is a great resource from the folks at L'Atelier Paysan.  If French looks like gobbledygook to you, this website is still worth an exploration (read: random clicking) because what they are doing is awesome. Check it out HERE! (Hint: "outils" means "tools" in French).

Posted: July 19 2014