climate mitigation

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solar geo-engineering: warnings from scientists, indigenous peoples, youth, and climate activists

This spring scientists, Indigenous people and climate movements came together to stop the SCoPEx project's attempt to carry out a solar geoengineering experiment in Kiruna, Sweden.Next week, Michael Mann, Raymond Pierrehumbert, Jennie Stephens, Tom Goldtooth, Naomi Klein, Åsa Larson-Blind, Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva and Greta Thunberg are coming together to drive home the warning: solar geoengineering is not a climate solution.We […]

Posted: June 4 2021
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"As the planet warms, can we afford to treat poop as waste?"

...titles this steamy fresh article from Sarah Wesseler at Yale Climate Connections, chronicling our nation's recent history of poop prejudice, the shocking exponential use of synthetic fertilizers since WWII, and paradigm and policy shifts that can be made to gain traction for the revaluation of animal manures and "night soil". Read for all the juicy […]

Posted: April 10 2020