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apocalypse pig

The last antibiotics begin to fail...   On Thursday, researchers from several Chinese, British and US universities announced in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases that they have identified a new form of resistance, to the very last-ditch drug colistin—and that it is present in both meat animals and people, probably comes from agricultural use of […]

Posted: November 26 2015
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rice growing regions in china are more cooperative, interdependent

This story is part of National Geographic's special eight-month Future of Food series. Rice and wheat do more than feed the world. They have also affected the way we think—in dramatically different ways. That is the result of a study published Thursday in Science comparing people from different parts of China. Researchers led by Thomas […]

Posted: October 9 2014
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china refuses gmo corn from USA, cargill loses 90 million dollars

CHICAGO, Sept 12 (Reuters) - Cargill Inc has suffered more than $90 million in damages from China's rejections of U.S. corn containing a genetically modified trait developed by Syngenta AG, the grain trader said in a lawsuit on Friday. The damages are a "direct and proximate result" of Syngenta's decision to sell its Agrisure Viptera […]

Posted: September 12 2014
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alert! china wants the usa to import their apples

Nothing about the proposed lifting of this [no apples from China] regulation is good for American fruit growers or consumers. Aside from reducing the already meager profit margins of the fruit farmer by the addition of a new (HUGE) apple supplier, the importation of Chinese apples opens up the possibility of introducing foreign pest and […]

Posted: July 19 2014
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china's new agrarians

How China's young idealists are turning to the soil by Carrie Gracie for the BBC In June 1989, on the orders of China's ruling Communist Party, the army crushed pro-democracy demonstrations in Tiananmen Square, killing hundreds of people. Twenty-five years on, a different type of protest against the values of modern China has emerged. My […]

Posted: June 3 2014